Friday, August 26, 2016

Mabon/Vacation Rebates and Austin Local Events!

My dear Natural Magicians,
I have two Austin local events before I leave on vacation, and there are specials and rebates involved!

For September 1-14, I will be traveling to Mexico to visit with my parents. I will not be processing orders during that time, but if you place an order while I am gone, I will give you a 10% rebate for the total of your goods! All you have to do to get this rebate is write MEXICO in the notes section when you place your order. When I return, all orders will be processed in the order they were received. You will receive your rebate ASAP via PayPal. Also, Mabon incense is already discounted, and even the discounted deal will tally into your rebate!

The Fall Equinox, Mabon,  is a time of balance, so refer to my article about pendulums (also included in the rebate offer!)

Here are my Austin local events, and as usual, email me if you want me to bring anything special for you!

Phoenix Rising at Elysium on Friday August 26th, 9pm-2am.

Dark Moon Witches Market on Thursday Septembe 1st 7pm-midnight 

Hope you can join me for a spell!
Best Witches,

Pendulum Divination and Magick

Pendulums are very simple and elegant divination tools. They are primarily used to answer yes/no questions, but they can do so much more.

Natural Magick Shop pendulums are handmade of high quality material, ritually crafted, and some are made to become family heirloom tools built to last many lifetimes. They are made on the Wednesday or Monday when the Moon is halfway between New and Full, for the very balanced energy at that time. As I craft each pendulum, I ask it how long it wants to be, and when I get an affirmative, I finish it according to the wishes of its Genie.

When you try out a new pendulum, I recommend to first ask it how it registers "yes" and "no" responses. To do this, dangle the pendulum in front of you, let it come to stillness and then just ask, "Show me your Yes," and see how it swings. Then ask, "Show me your No," and see how that swings. For most pendulums and most people, a circular motion is "Yes" and back and forth is "No." However, I have a friend who "programmed" e.g. instructed, her pendulum to swing up and down for Yes and back and forth for No, kind of like nodding your head Yes or shaking your head No. 

Another system I've seen is a clockwise circle for Yes and counterclockwise circle for No. There are some people who use a pendulum radii, where you hold the pendulum over the radii and how it swings over the radii answers the question.

Pendulums are also used by police psychics to find the missing child, murder weapon, etc., and for this use you move the pendulum slowly and systematically over a map and see if it starts freaking out over a certain location. You might use this technique to find a house to buy, where you left your cell phone, or any other location-seeking question. Pendulums are used for Geomancy, to determine on the landscape/premises the power potentials of any location.

Another use for pendulums is for questions related to calendar dates. Say you are trying to pick a date for a party, wedding or garage sale, or when to pop the question, ask for a raise. Move the pendulum over a calendar in front of you and when it starts swinging crazy, that would be considered the best date.

An old fashioned farmer's use for the pendulum is to determine the gender of eggs. Hold the pendulum over the egg and a swinging circle is female and back and forth is male. This way you can use the male eggs for breakfast scramble and not get too many roosters in your coop. 

Similarly, the nurseryman would use a pendulum to determine the gender of certain shrubs, for example when you want to make sure you buy a female Holly bush so it will have the
ornamental red berries in time for Christmas. Likewise, a pendulum made of a silk thread and the wedding ring would be held over a pregnant woman's belly to divine the sex of the baby.

Some people say that the pendulum is powered by the inner place in you that really knows the answer all along. Others say that each pendulum has a spirit (called a genius) that does the answering, and some spirits get along with some people better than others. My opinion is that all pendulums are inhabited by the same spirit genius. In any of these cases, the pendulum seems to "resent" being played with like a toy, and it will stop talking or give misleading answers if asked a series of testing, frivolous questions. So don't do that, okay? Good luck with your pendulum!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thank You Capital Metro and Thank You St. Anthony

I don't do magick for myself enough and I know it. I make all these potions for Natural Magick Shop and don't use them often enough! I need gentle reminders, and yesterday I got it. I had just gotten off the bus and was walking home and realized I had left my purse on the Capital Metro bus!! Drat! Yesss, and it has my passport and 5 debit and credit cards, eek! 

On the walk home I called Capital Metro's lost and found and started the muggle process of trying to recover my purse. The lady on the end of the line was very helpful and she contacted a dispatcher who would contact the bus driver, and I would meet the same bus and driver two hours later, and if the purse had not been stolen, and if the driver did find it, I could reclaim it at the same bus stop.

Great! But there was a dozen or more things that could go wrong, there might be weak links in the chain of communication. I had done everything within my Muggle powers to fix it. Time to do some magick, right? But it didn't even cross my mind!

Then, nothing more to do, I checked my email and opened a message from a maybe customer, who was asking for a spell or any magick to find her lost cat. I told her to do all the normal mundane things, like neighborhood fliers and contacting the shelters, etc., but after that I did have a Spell to Recover Lost or Stolen Possessions. It never made it to the Spell Kits page of my website, mainly because it doesn't use many things that I make. I found it in my files, and attached the file to my email, wishing the customer luck finding her kitty. Then it dawned on me - I should just do this spell for my ownself! and I told the customer thanks for the reminder. 

I got out my wand, the mirror, the candles and the magnet and got to work. When pondering what deity or spirit guide I should invoke, I did a Safari search right there in circle and found that St. Anthony is the Patron Saint of Lost Possessions, and there was a prayer for him in this capacity.

Having done the spell, I walked down to the bus stop to meet the bus at the appointed time, making sure to get there a good 20 minutes early. When the time bus! I waited, nothing else to do, and having put my confidence in St. Anthony.

Checking the bus schedule, it turned out that the Lost and Found clerk had given me a wrong time. No bus was scheduled for that stop at that time. I waited 18 more minutes til the next scheduled bus, and got on. It was indeed the same bus driver, and he had my purse! The several people on the bus cheered with me and praised Capital Metro.

Now, I do hope you will join me in a prayer to St. Anthony that my customer, my inspiration, will have just as much luck finding BoyCat. We are rooting for you, Carly!

Okay, here is the spell. It's a little bit disorganized, so I will re-work it eventually. There are two chants, I used both of them. I did the first one three times at the beginning and three times at the end of the working, and the second chant in the middle:


Bound and Binding
Binding Bound
See the Sight
Hear the Sound
What was lost now is found
Bound and Binding
Binding Bound

Mirror Orange candle Black candle Small Magnet
Usual ritual requirements, such as incense, quarter candles, and athame.
First create the Circle and invoke the Elemental Guardians.
Raise a cone of power by chanting and drumming, or racing around the circle.
Then light a Black candle (for solving mysteries, and drawing away the negativeness of the loss), then the Orange candle (for luck and precious objects).
Visualize the lost objects in the mirror as already being found.
Place the magnet between the two candles and stroke it towards you as you recite this rhyme:
"Once obscured but now in sight
By the wavering flame of this dark light,
Grant to me my [lost item(s)] in sight.
By the power of this orange flame,
Give me luck to find the same.
In this mirror my [lost item(s)] I see
And this magnet draws them to me."

Substitute the name of whatever you have lost or stolen for [lost item(s)] Say this three times.
Close the circle, but leave the candles burning with the magnet between them
until the candles burn down.

Cedar Stevens May 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Ostara!

Harvesting Huisache flowers on the Spring Equinox. A lovely sunny Sunday to be harvesting these honey-scented blooms it was! The Acacia tree is a very easy read by the Doctrine of Signatures: each little flower looks like the Sun, so there is the ruling Planet. Being produced in such great quantities, the flowers are a natural for prosperity magick. The little Suns are thought to bring enlightenment and illumination, and after harvesting (or just smelling) the rich sweet scent for a time, one becomes filled with a golden kind of serenity, which is why the essential oil is used in my Meditation and Friendship oils, and the resin of related Acacia trees is burned as incense and used to enhance spiritual pursuits and seek Divine Guidance.

France grows hundreds of acres of this tree, Acacia farnesiana, native to central and South Texas, for the perfumery industry. Here in Texas it is pretty much ignored or considered a "trash tree," sigh.

Friday, January 22, 2016

FULL MOON MUSE with Natural Magick Shop with REBATES!

My dearest Natural Magicians, Happy New Year and blessed Imbolc, Brigid, Candlemas and Groundhogs Day to you all!

It has been awhile since I wrote to y'all, but certainly not because I have not been busy inventing, exploring and potioning! I want to offer four whole categories of rebates to celebrate with you:

  • Star stuff
  • Lovers
  • Imbolc
  • New potions

To get the rebate, order ANY ONE of the following special potions and I will send you a 20% rebate for your WHOLE order! Offer good through February 14th.
As perhaps many of you have been, I was deeply affected by the life and work of David Bowie. His death felt like nothing less than a losing a rocket engine on my spacecraft and crashing to Earth. I am still pulling myself from the wreckage and coming to grips with the fact that I am now totally responsible for my own stardom, and for making the world safer for oddities, weirdos, space explorers and innovators, as Bowie did for us all, whether we knew and loved him or not. While a lot has been said about David Bowie's exploration of Western Occultism, for me this magickal groupie tidbit was eclipsed by the man's music, voice, genius, beauty and charisma.

Any of y'all who have shopped with me in person know that I already have a perfume dedicated to DB, my "Ziggy" perfume (not marketed online because alcohol spray perfumes present complicated shipping issues). Now I have also renamed the "Star Dust" oil to be "Stardust" and it will forever be my main tribute to David Bowie. "Alien," "Mars," "Star Goddess," "The Star," and "Moon" will also qualify for this special, a celebration of creativity, space exploration inner and outer, and the life of David Bowie.

VALENTINES DAY/LUPERCALIA specials! While most of us think of David Bowie as a Space Oddity, the Rock & Roll Tarot places give him the Major Arcana card of "The Lovers" and tonight, January 22nd, I will invent a new potion to add to the Tarot Trumps line. All of these products will qualify your purchase for the 20% rebate: "Love oil," "Find Love for Women oil," "Find Love for Men oil," "Long Love for Couples oil," "Passion oil," and, I think you get the idea, any love, lust, or passion incense, bath, mojo, candle, etc, will win you the 20% rebate!

Imbolc, AKA Brigid, Candlemas and Groundhogs Day is a Cross Quarter Day of the growing light, celebrated on or about February 2nd. "Imbolc oil," "Imbolc incense," and "Brigid oil" will also qualify you to get a 20% rebate on your whole order!

NEW POTIONS! I "only" have two new potions since my last newsletter, but if you order one, you will also qualify for this fabulous 20 % rebate: "Lynx," brings its insight to the Spirit Guide line, and "Oya has taken her tempest to the Deity oil line.
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Best Witches,

Cedar Stevens

Natural Magick Shop

January 22, 2015

Photo by AVRO - Beeld En Geluid Wiki - Gallerie: Toppop 1974, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pets, Healing, Magick and Essential Oils

Although pet aromatherapy is not one of my expertises, (and quite arguably not a thing at all) I do have enough chemistry/biochemical understanding to approach the subject. My Natural Magick and products are primarily based on the spiritual medicine of plants and their essential oils. Essential oils are metabolized very differently (poorly to not at all) by carnivores, who have little evolutionary/liver enzymatic ability to process plant-origin essential oils.

 Us omnivores and herbivores have had a lot more evolutionary adaptation and experience dealing with these compounds, which in essence are natural pesticides to thwart herbivory. Others, the flower scents, are used to lure pollinators to flowers. Mainly these compounds are targeting insect herbivores and pollinators, but mammalian herbivores have had to contend with these phytochemicals for a long evolutionary time as well, to the point where they can be therapeutic to us in the proper careful dilutions. Since we have been eating plants for a significant part of our evolution, our livers have developed complex processes to deal with these poisons/medicines. While there are a very few exceptions to this major biological difference, I steer far away from any essential oil direct-contact products for cats, dogs, and other mainly carnivorous pets.

Our herbivorous pets, domesticated food and labor beasts, and wild herbivores and omnivores would need to be considered on species by species basis. For example, wild primates who take ill have been observed to leave the tribe and diet on plants not ordinary to the menu of their healthy kin.

All of the olfactory cues/medicines for carnivorous animals (and these usually work for omnivores and herbivores as well) are going to be animal scents, like pee, scent glands, and poop. A lot of pet stores are using these sorts of derivatives to train, adjust and comfort dogs and cats. These products are by nature much safer for carnivore pets than plant based products. How acceptable they smell to their human companions will be debatable! For example, the cat's mania for catnip. Cats are not reacting to the essential oils in catnip, which have a very beneficial healing and balancing affect on us humans, but to the water-soluble valerianic acid (same active ingredient as in Valerian root) which in concentrated form smell like really bad stinky socks. In fact, the powerful stinky pungency of valerianic acid IS the stinky smell of feet, and is the compound by which felines (and canines as well) track their prey. This is why dogs and cats often love our shoes and smelly feet! So if we project our response to catnip (relaxation and anti-depression) onto a cat, expecting them to have the same response, we have gotten it very wrong. Instead, we have activated the predator reaction!

That said, it may be that olfactory and non-contact experience of plant compounds could have magickal if not aromatherapy benefit to carnivorous pets, although not much peer-reviewed or even suggestive anecdotal data have been contributed to the discussion. This is an area where we really need to be conscientious of human tendency to project our interpretation of the world and preferences onto our animal companions, and to anthropomorphize their wants and needs. 

Peppermint and Pennyroyal are used to drive away pests, including rats and mice, so we should be very careful about what our caged pets are subjected to, since they can't escape the vicinity. Cats also hate almost all minty and citrus smells as well, and thymols, thujones and oreganols are also known to be very hazardous for dogs and cats. Pet's negative reactions must be respected unquestioningly to aromatherapy diffusers, natural herbal incense, herbal pillows, or being petted by their humans who are wearing a properly diluted essential oil blend (by which I do NOT mean get your hands all gobbed and oily with the stuff and petting the cat with greasy aromatherapy hands which the kitty will be obliged to groom away immediately and therefore subject his liver to some strange and poisonous plant compounds). In this way we as evolutionary omnivores have the opportunity to serve as mediums between our Green Allies and our carnivorous Animal Companions. But spiritually, not consumptively, okay?

Right now humans are undergoing a rapid plant-based aromatherapy exploration. We don't really know how much these compounds, and not to mention the varying qualities of the products, do to us, but many of us are enjoying the benefits dramatically. Well-meaning anthropomorphism might lead us to project our benefits onto our animal companions, but I recommend a very cautious and light-handed approach, because at best we might be wasting plant resources to no good effect, and at worst we might be taxing our animals' ability to process plant poisons.

copyright Cedar Stevens
September 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


My dear Natural Magicians,
"Humpback alaska jumping" by Larry D. Moore.  
I am going on a vacation to Alaska! Place your orders now to get your stuff before I leave. Orders received by the end of Friday, July 31st, will be processed and shipped before I go, and then I will resume processing orders on August 22nd, in the order they are received. While you can still place orders Aug 1-21, I will not be able to ship them until I get back home. Thanks for your patience! I am very excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

I may well come back having made contact (at least visually) with animals that may then inform new formulations in the Spirit Guide line. Seal? Caribou? Moose? Whale? Elk? If any of you have been wanting a formulation that could bring your closer to a Spirit Guide animal that dwells in the northern climes, let me know and I will try to make this adventure a spiritual fact-finding pilgrimage as well.

In other news we are heading towards a Blue Moon on July 31st. It is a Friday so the circumstances could not be better for special petitions and Love magick! I will also be whipping up a lot of the long-awaited Blue Moon oil that day. I have marked it in-stock on the website so that you can order it before I go to Alaska. Remember, order by July 31st, or you'll have to wait for your shipment till I get back to Austin.
Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh (pronounced LUH-nu-sah or loo-Nah-sah)is celebrated on August 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I am offering a sale on Lammas oil and Lammas incense for your celebration. Order by July 28th to make sure you get it by August 1st.
Lughnasadh is most often celebrated as a first harvest holiday, focusing on harvest of grains. This is a “Cross-Quarter Day” midway between a Solstice and and Equinox. Lammas is a time of races, contests and games of physical skill. The landscape is a village harvest of the grain fields. This is a time of celebration (at least, if the harvest is successful and bountiful) and all the village is at work to get the harvest in. It is said that the contests begin with who can harvest the most grain. Then it was said that the laborers would leave the last sheaf of grain standing and the contestants would try to be the first to cut it down by throwing their harvesting sickles at it. The fields are now clear, and there is all this open space which is available. Footraces, horse races, team sports, all have an open arena. This becomes a sort of Pagan Olympics, and celebration of the vigor and strength of young adulthood.

For those less athletic, Lugh is also the patron of grain fermentation, so beer brewing and beer drinking are other ways to celebrate!

Another fascinating motif for this Sabbat is a confessional and atonement ritual. The aforementioned last sheaf, or a Corn Dolly, or a Corn Man (the first loaf baked from the freshly harvested grain) represented John Barleycorn, a god or hero who represented the sacrifice that the Grain God made for the community’s survival. He will be mourned and buried (sometimes burned/cremated) but there is an opportunity before he is committed to the final resting place. He is passed around to the participants (playing the old folk song "John Barleycorn Must Die" in the background of course) who can then whisper a confession, or some secret that John Barleycorn will take to the grave with him. They are thus absolved of guilt, and no other living being need know the offense.

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Best Witches,
Cedar Stevens
Natural Magick Shop
July 21, 2015

"Humpback alaska jumping" by Larry D. Moore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -