Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Anoint Candles with Magick Oils

Before a candle is used for candle magick or for a spell, it should be dedicated to the purpose for which it will be used. This is sometimes called “fixing” the candle, and there are a number of ways to do this properly, according to different traditions.

It is ideal to use a magick oil that is specific to the purpose on a candle of the appropriate color. So you might use Money or Jupiter oil on a green candle for a money spell, Love oil on a red or pink candle, or Peace oil on a blue candle to bring serenity to a troubled home. When this is not possible, ordinary olive oil can be used on a white candle or colored candles if you have them. Alternatively, you can keep an all-purpose oil, like Altar, Temple, Abramelin, or High John the Conqueror oil to use on a white candle or appropriately colored candles.

Most Southern or HooDoo tradition practitioners will pray over a candle, or use some sort of blessing or purification incantation to cleanse the candle before it is fixed. Wax, by its nature, is gooey sticky stuff that intentions easily adhere to, even if they are not intentional intentions, so it is a good idea to purify candles of any contamination they might have been exposed to, for example, some lady's "to do list" that she was thinking of while shopping the candles at Hobby Lobby. And that's a best case scenario!

How specifically to cleanse or "blank out" a candle: breath fully, calm and center yourself. Allow your root chakra to join with the center of the Earth and fill you with the vast energy of the molten center of our Earth. Allow your crown chakra to unite with the heavenly stellar energies, your Star of Destiny. As you feel these energies of Heaven and Earth filling your body and purifying and brightening your own intention and Will with blessing, you can direct that light into your hands, and holding a candle cupped in your hands, the white or golden or blue-white purifying energy you shine into the candle will cleanse/purify and make your candle clear and blank for absorbing your new intention. This exercise has multitudinous uses in addition to candle magick, and is in fact a basic magickal visualization that would prepare for and benefit any spiritual working regardless of tradition.

Then, to fix the candle for any positive or invoking magick of your choosing, you hold it in the middle with your weak hand (left hand if you are right handed), and anoint the candle with the fingers of your strong hand to rub the magick (or “condition”) oil onto the top half, stroking from the center towards the wick, until the candle is completely covered with oil. If you pour a bit of the oil into the palm of your weak hand, you will have plenty to cover the candle. Then you rub the oil onto the bottom half of the candle, rubbing from the middle to the bottom.

The reasoning here is that the first half of the candle is taking your petition up towards the Heavens, and then the second half brings the prayer back down into the material planes towards manifestation. You will also have the oil on your hands to dedicate your hands as agent to your will towards manifesting your intention.

For negative or banishing magick, like exorcisms, binding, hexing, or releasing, the pattern would be opposite, first you would stroke from the middle down, then from the middle to the wick.

I have found some references to a way of anointing from the top towards the middle, then the bottom towards the middle, but I think this is just a confusion of the above process. That is, unless your Grandma or Mambo taught you to do it that way, then, by all means!

The Wiccan or western Witchcraft tradition favors a different method of anointing candles. Most of us would also do a blessing or cleansing of a candle before dedicating it to its magickal purpose. Quite simply, for any positive or creative purpose, the oil is applied with the fingers of your strong hand from the bottom of the candle upwards towards the wick. For any negative or banishing purpose, you apply the oil from the wick towards the bottom of the candle. I personally prefer this technique because it works well combined with inscribing a candle with words or symbols. So I can use my New Moon Agave Thorn to write “Prosperity” in my magick alphabet from the bottom of the candle upwards to the top, and then anoint the candle with Money or Prosperity oil in the same direction as the writing. Or I can write “Forgiveness” onto a blue or black candle from the wick end towards the bottom, and then anoint it with Dark Moon oil in the same direction.

When you are using glass cased candles, like the very popular and useful seven-day candles, there are two ways to use magick oils. Before you light the candle, you can use a nail or some other tool to make a deep hole next to the wick. Then, best as you can, dribble the magick oil into the hole. Or you can dab a bit of oil on top of the wax, drawing a circle around the wick prior to lighting. Once the candle is lit and going well, and there is a molten pool of wax around the wick, you can add more oil without messing up the wick. Repeating this process will give your candle a good smell from the oil. I like to use these candles for more long-term purpose intentions, and they work really well with silver and gold paint markers if you want to draw sigils onto the glass jar. Don't be afraid of the craft in Witchcraft!

Whichever technique calls to you, just settle on one methodology that is in alignment with your tradition, or makes sense to you, and use that technique always. That way your spirits and angels and guides and your own subconscious can understand the message you are trying to send out with your candles and magick oils.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Planetary Magick: Ancient Magick of Time and the Music of the Spheres

Planetary Magick is the next system to layer onto one's practice, after mastery and understanding of Solar, Lunar and Elemental Magick. If you have a yearning for an ancient link to magickal practice, it is more likely to be found through the seven "fixed stars" or planets than by any particular witchcraft tradition or magickal system, most of which date to the 1950's or Medieval times.

In ancient times, the movements of the "planets" were easy to observe as different from the stars. Most of the stars rotated in unison, over the course of the night, but seven heavenly bodies could be counted in different rhythms. Fastest moving among them is the Moon, whose orbit has a periodicity of about 29 days. Faint, but still observable much of the year also, Mercury travels its path every 59 days (or 88 days, it used to be believed). Venus at 243 days, the Sun itself at 365 days, Mars at 687 days, Jupiter at 12 years and elder Saturn takes 29 years to complete its circuit, from an Earthling’s perspective.

From Sumerian times, these unique heavenly bodies were seen as representations of the gods, if not gods themselves. And through the ages, the names of these planets have changed, but the roles of the gods they have been named for have changed very little. For example, in ancient Sumer, Enki was the name for the planet we now call Mercury, and they are both gods of information and communication. The Babylonians called the planet Mars by the name Nergal, who was also god of war. Our beloved planet Venus was Aphrodite in Greece, Astarte in Phoenicia, Ishtar in Babylon, and Inanna in ancient Sumer, love goddesses all of them. Solaris or Helios is the Sun god, Iuppiter or Jupiter is a god of kingship and growth, Selene or Luna is goddess of the Moon.

The association or correspondences of these gods with the planets is discernible from their colors, movements, or time signatures. Saturn, with its lengthy period, was associated with elder or death gods, gods of the underworld or harvest, master of time, architect of destiny. Mercury, with its speedy cycle and quick changes of direction were related to the messenger god.

Some astrologers and magicians have added Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto to the classic seven planets. These planets are not discernible to the eye without telescopes, and therefore they are not as familiar to humanity, and they have fewer Earthly correspondences. Neptune is viewed as a higher frequency of Venus, Uranus likewise is an octave over Mercury, and Pluto is the dark reflection of the Sun. Their distance from our planet makes magickal correspondence much more tentative and not especially useful to most practitioners.

Most important for the modern practitioner is that, since the times of the most ancient western civilizations, these planets or deities have determined one of the most basic conventions of social organization: the seven day week. Each day is said to be “ruled” by one of the seven planets, and further, each hour of the day and each hour of the night are ruled by the same succession of planetary deities. We have lost a bit in the translation of the names of the week to the Germanic roots. The Norse gods are not associated with the planets themselves, though their deity functions are still correspondent to the ancient rulers. The Latin names of the planets and the days still correspond exactly.

Sol = Sun = Sunday,
Luna = Moon = Monday (Moon-day),
Mars = Mars = Tuesday (Norse Tiu, a war-god),
Mercurius = Mercury = Wednesday (Wodin or Odin, a scholar/magician god),
Iuppiter = Jupiter = Thursday (Thor, god of thunder),
Venus = Venus = Friday (named for Norse goddess of love Freya) and
Saturnus = Saturn = Saturday.

Note that our familiar workweek begins on Monday, ruled by the quickest planet, and ends on Saturn’s slow day, the day of rest. More recent calendars have changed the Sabbath to Sunday, or alternatively had Sunday begin the week. Over time, and even in our current datebooks, which of these three days is the start of the week has rarely enjoyed consensus. If you consider the matter you could derive logical arguments for all three cases.

Our reckoning of the day as beginning at 12 am (the middle of the night) is a new convention. For millennia, the day began with sunrise, and the night began with sunset, and the planetary hours commenced their count at sunrise. The order of the hours follows the periodicities of the planets: slower, elder Saturn begins the week (or used to do) and the quickest planet, the Moon is the last, repeating eternally in the pattern:
Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon

But this is not the order of the days of the week! Which is of course:
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

The explanation is that in Babylonian times, the day was divided into twenty four hours (Sumerians used a twelve hour day) with twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night. If you begin at sunrise on Saturday with the first hour being ruled by Saturn, 24 hours later you will end up at dawn the next day with the hour of the Sun. That being the planet governing at the time of sunrise, that planet governs and names the new day, Sunday. Beginning with Sun ruling that first hour of the day it rules, if you tick off another 24 planetary hours in that order: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, etc., you will arrive at Moon at dawn of the next day, Monday. After another 24 hours you will arrive at dawn at the next day, Tuesday. Repeat this pattern and you will derive the order of the days of the week.

It is easy to think of time and days of the week proceeding this way, a function of the relationship of the number seven with the number twelve, and indeed, this relationship is expressed elsewhere, most notably in music in the relation of the chromatic to the diatonic scales. Mystics, alchemists, and early philosophers were always seeking to understand, and emulate in law, architecture, art, and social convention, the music of the spheres, a way to harmonize human activities with the movements of the planets of our solar system and then hopefully, further into the heavens. (You might note that the next tier of magickal practice after the seven-planet realm is the astrological zodiac, which is a system of twelve.)

One problem is that nature does not always fit the philosopher’s ideal mathematics. We have here the inconvenience of unequal day length caused by the seasons. With the advent of uniform timepieces, the convention has moved toward the fixed hour. But in ancient systems, the length of the hour changed according to the length of the day. Around the equinoxes, September 22 or so and March 22 or so, the hours of the night and day are equal, and this is where convention set the fixed hour. Somewhere along the way, the rigid application of fixed hours made it expedient to even change the time of the beginning of the day to the darkest hour of night!

In Natural Magick, we follow Nature and ancient customs. Wednesday morning begins at Dawn on Wednesday, and it lasts all day and all night until the Sun rises upon the next day. If that Wednesday is near the Winter Solstice, the hours of the day are shorter, and the hours of the night are longer. We go through the exercise of calculating the relative length of the hours through the seasons in order to precisely time magickal operations, especially those that are related to the planets. A bit of algebra and interpolation is applied to our magick. This brings us closer to the magick of the Spheres and the practices of ancient magickal systems. Not to mention, it reminds us that we did once pass Algebra in high school!

With this we introduce the Natural Magick line of Planetary oils and incenses. Each of these is made on the day ruled by the planet and in the hour of that day that is ruled by the planet. Five of the seven planets are made during the day in the waxing Moon. Moon is made at night under the crescent Moon in the hour of the Moon. Saturn is made on the first Saturday after the Full Moon, in the Saturn hour of the night, to fully capture the elder and dark aspect.

Each oil is potentiated with a mineral which corresponds to the power of the planet concerned:

Saturn - Black Obsidian
Sun - Citrine
Moon - Moonstone
Mars - Garnet
Mercury - Fluorite
Jupiter - Lapis Lazuli
Venus – Peridot

Each bottle of oil has a 5mm bead of the same stone as a focus.

As each oil is made, I use the following binding spell:

This is the Day that you were made
This is the Hour that you were born
This is the moment of your creation
To magick of ___________, you are now sworn.

Each of the planets and the gods that govern them has resonance with different parts of our Selves. In a sense, by honoring each of the planets in a ritual way, we are dissembling, re-assimilating, and reclaiming each part of our Selves, the whole and separate parts of which issue forth from the Music of the Spheres.

c. Cedar Stevens 2007

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elemental Correspondences: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit




ASSOCIATIONS: Thought, communication, travel, intellect, abstract thinking, teaching, divination, freedom, joy, laughter, beginnings,

QUALITIES: hot, moist, light, active

GENDER: masculine, projective


COLORS: yellow, sky blue, pastels




ANIMALS: Eagle, birds, Dragonfly, Butterfly, flying insects

PLANTS: Celtic trees - Aspen, Alder, Birch. Herbs - Anise, Lavender, Lemongrass. Natives ? Mistletoe, (Ball Moss), Cedar Elm, Acacia, Mimosa

STONES: Mica, Pumice, (Fluorite)

METALS: Aluminum, Tin

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Gryphons, Gremlins, Pegasus

KERUB: Human Being

TAROT SUIT: Swords (Wands)


RUNES: Ansuz , Raidho Eihwaz, Tiwaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

PLANETS: Neptune, Jupiter, (Mercury)

HOUR: Dawn

DAY(S): Thursday (Wednesday)

SEASON: Spring

LIFE CYCLE: Infancy and childhood


TATTWA SYMBOL: blue circle

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Yesod/Foundation, Tipharet/Beauty

MAGICAL TOOLS: Wand, Staff, Athame, Sword, Incense, Feather, Pen, Broom, Scourge

CHAKRA(S): Heart, (Throat, 3rd Eye)

TYPES OF MAGIC: Study, visualizaton, divination, finding lost objects, astral travel, telepathy, travel, communication

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Joyful, humorous, communicative, intelligent, intuitive, diligent

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Gossipy, boastful, spendthrift, untruthful, selfish, fickle, inattentive

OVERBALANCE: Chatterbox, shallow, or overintellectualization

UNDERBALANCE: Muddy thinking, slow, inability to communicate




ASSOCIATIONS: Emotions, dreams, compassion, love, sadness, psychism, healing, rest, cleansing, dissolution, astral travel, death/rebirth,

QUALITIES: moist, cold, heavy, passive

GENDER: feminine, receptive


COLORS: blue, indigo, aqua, green, silver, purple




ANIMALS: fish, dolphins, jellyfish, all aquatic creatures

PLANTS: Celtic trees - Alder, Hazel, Willow. Herbs - Aloe, Lemon, Yarrow. Natives - American Elm, Cat Brier, Mesquite, Violet, Wax Myrtle

STONES: Aquamarine, Lapis, Limestone, Moonstone, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Shells, Sodalite

METALS: Copper, Sliver

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Mermaids, Mermen, Selkies, Sea Monsters

KERUB: Eagle


TAROT TRUMPS: Moon, Death, Lovers

RUNES: Uruz, Gebo, Hagalaz, Isa, Pethro, Ehwaz, Laguz, Dagaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

PLANETS: Moon, (Venus)

HOUR: Dusk

DAY(S): Monday, (Friday)


LIFE CYCLE: Adulthood, Reproductive years


TATTWA SYMBOL: Silver crescent with horns pointing up

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Hod/Splendor, Chesod/Mercy, Binah/Understanding

MAGICAL TOOLS: Chalice, Cup, Bowl, Cauldron, Ring, Sickle

CHAKRA(S): Navel, (Heart)

TYPES OF MAGIC: Divinations, Dreams, Psychic work, Astral Travel, Healing, Fertility

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Compassionate, loving, forgiving, sensitive, easygoing, modest, flowing

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Overly sensitive, weepy, dependent, indifferent, lazy, insecure, frigid

OVERBALANCE: Depression, hypersensitivity

UNDERBALANCE: Cold, emotionless nature

NATURAL MAGICK PRODUCTS: Water oil, Water incense




ASSOCIATIONS: Action, the will, passion, sex, anger, desire, energy, work, purification, destruction, strength, protection,

QUALITIES: hot, dry, light, active

GENDER: masculine, projective


COLORS: red, orange, gold, yellow




ANIMALS: lizards, snakes, lions

PLANTS: Celtic trees - Thorn, Holly, Oak. Herbs - Basil, Cinnamon, Garlic. Natives ? Spanish Dagger, Oaks, Juniper, Sunflower, Chiletepin

STONES: Amber, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Ruby, Tiger's Eye

METALS: Brass, Gold, Steel



TAROT SUIT: Wands, (Swords)

TAROT TRUMPS: Sun, Strength, Emperor

RUNES: Thurisaz, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Ingwaz

ZODIAC SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

PLANETS: Sun, Mars

HOUR: Noon

DAY(S): Sunday, Tuesday

SEASON: Summer

LIFE CYCLE: Youth and adolescence


TATTWA SYMBOL: upward pointing red triangle

QABALISTIC SEPHIROT: Netzach/Victory, Geburah/Judgement, Chokmah/Wisdom

MAGICAL TOOLS: Athame, Sword, Wand, Staff, Candle, Flame, Scourge

CHAKRA(S): Solar Plexus

TYPES OF MAGIC: Banishing, exorcism, purification, tantra, sex, empowerment, protection, success

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Energetic, enthusiastic, courageous, daring, faithful

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Stubborn, greedy, jealous, angry, resentful

OVERBALANCE: Dominating, egotistical, violent

UNDERBALANCE: Apathy, boredom, feelings of inferiority, laziness, lack of energy

NATURAL MAGICK PRODUCTS: Fire oil, Fire incense




ASSOCIATIONS: Stability, food, wealth, crops, animals, home, mountains, strength, grounding, protecting, nature, death/rebirth,

QUALITIES: dry, cold, heavy, passive

GENDER: feminine, receptive

MAGICAL POWER: To be silent

COLORS: brown, black, green

ARCHANGEL: Uriel/Auriel



ANIMALS: Bear, Wolf, Deer, most four-legged, animals that go by night

PLANTS: Celtic trees - Ash, Dwarf Elm, Hawthorn. Herbs - Patchouli, Vetiver, Wheat. Texas Natives - Bald Cypress, Inland Sea-Oats, Texas Persimmon, Elbow-bush, Indiangrass

STONES: Amazonite, Emerald, Hematite/Hematine, Jade, Jet, Lodestone, Malachite, Peridot, Serpentine, Turquoise

METALS: (Iron), Lead, Mercury

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Giants, Leprechauns, Trolls


TAROT SUIT: Pentacles/Coins/Discs

TAROT TRUMPS: Devil, Empress, Emperor, The World

RUNES: Fehu, Wunjo, Jera, Berkano, Mannaz, Othala

ZODIAC SIGNS: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

PLANETS: (Saturn)

HOUR: Midnight

DAY(S): (Saturday)

SEASON: Winter



TATTWA SYMBOL: Yellow Square


MAGICAL TOOLS: Pentacle, Rock, Hammer, Salt, Shield, Drum


TYPES OF MAGIC: Household, Prosperity, Ancestors, Fertility, Grounding, Protection, Eco-Magic

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Reliable, punctual, stable, persevering, wise

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Greedy, sensualist, materialistic, stodgy, narrow-minded

OVERBALANCE: Boring, tunnel-vision, materialistic

UNDERBALANCE: Unreliable, careless, tasteless

NATURAL MAGICK PRODUCTS: Earth oil, Earth incense




ASSOCIATIONS: Unification, magic, change, transformation, alchemy, divinity,

QUALITIES: infinity, timelessness, spacelessness



COLORS: white, black, purple




ANIMALS: (Spider)

PLANTS: Celtic trees - Apple. Herbs - (Artemisia, Vervain). Texas Natives - (Native American Mugwort, Vervain)

STONES: Amethyst, Quartz

METALS: Meteorite



TAROT SUIT: Major Arcana

TAROT TRUMPS: (The Magician, High Priestess, Heirophant, Hermit, The Wheel, Temperance, The Star,) Judgement







LIFE CYCLE: Before birth/after death

SYMBOLS: Spiral, Star of David, (Unicursal hexagram)



MAGICAL TOOLS: Cauldron, Cord

CHAKRA(S): (Crown, Shadow)

TYPES OF MAGIC: Spiritual, religious, pathwork, (time travel)




UNDERBALANCE: Lifelessness, shallowness

NATURAL MAGICK PRODUCTS: Spirit oil, Spirit incense

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Natural Magick Process

Why are my Natural Magick products superior? I don’t fudge or cheat, not on ingredients or in my process. You get high quality, natural products made according to strict traditional guidelines. Natural Magick takes cues directly from Nature and diligently researches literature and lore.

Here are the elements of traditional ritual production that are guaranteed in my products:

We take our cues from Nature. Some activities are favored by the New Moon, some by the Full Moon, others by the Dark Moon. Since Babylonian times, the days of the week have been said to be “ruled” by the seven visible planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. This is why we have seven days of the week, in fact! Although called by different names, the essential properties and powers of the planets have been understood to be the same all this time. Natural magicians have used this system since ancient times for everything from planting of crops to business decisions to creation of magic incenses, oils and brews.

Natural Magick strictly adheres to a combination of this planetary and lunar influence. For example, Success is ruled by the Sun, and is a state of fullness. Therefore, Success oil is made on the Sunday on or just before the Full Moon. Blessing is a function of the Moon, Venus, or the Sun, and it is a quality of freshness and newness, so Blessing incense is made on Monday, Friday, or Sunday on or just after the New Moon.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the classic alchemical “elements,” and this system of correspondence is also used in Natural Magick products. It governs the selection of ingredients, and even the direction I face while making the product. Protection is a function of the Fire element, so I choose fiery ingredients for this oil, and face the South as I blend it.

For some reason, I have always been interested in the names of plants. I started this path as a native plant botanist. Unfortunately, magical texts are fraught with the use of common names rather than scientific Latin names. I was frustrated by this, and so I have for over a dozen years looked at references and compared the ingredients. Also I just seem to care more about botanical accuracy than other folks in this tradition. If I say “Bay” you will know if I mean Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), Bay “Rum” (a blend of Pimenta dioica “Bay” and other spices) Bayberry (any of several Myrica species) or Sweet Bay (Magnolia virginiana), to give one fairly confusing example! Although all of them can be used to season boiled crawfish, they all have different magical properties!

Magical formularies are filled with tables of correspondence, generally based on the principal of “Doctrine of Signatures.” Where no correspondence information can be found in literature, I can figure it out. For example, what phase of the moon corresponds to the goddess Iris of the Rainbow? The answer is in the bow of the rainbow. It was dark during the storm, now it is light with the rainbow in the sky. Therefore Iris is made during the bow-shaped New Moon which follows the Dark Moon. The colors of the rainbow are used to make art; Venus rules the arts, therefore Iris is made on Fridays.

Here is another example of how I use correspondences and Doctrine of Signatures in my work. I have an Anacacho Orchid tree (Anacacho bauhinia) in my yard, which has sweetly smelling white flowers. Was it a Moon or Venus tree? Bearing white flowers is often a Moon signature, whereas Venus rules perfumery. The answer came one Full Moon night as I wandered through my tangled forest gardens. I stopped to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers, and there was none! This tree’s flowers are only fragrant in the daylight hours; therefore it must not be ruled by the Moon but by Venus, the Morning and Evening star. Then I looked at the leaves which are heart shaped, clearly a Venus signature and thought to myself, “Well, duh!”

Just the way things smell, their colors, or their common names, is often enough information. Chamomile essential oil is blue, as is yarrow, making them excellent choices for a Water element formulation. Cedar wood smells like a coffin, which is why I combine it with Blood Orange in the Vampyre oil. Money is made where? At a mint, and the herb mint is much associated with prosperity. I try my best to find these correspondences and use them for the most potent Natural Magick.

Deosil, pronounced JESH-ul, means clockwise, and is the direction of the motion of the Sun. It is used for all purposes of creation, making, blessing, and increase. Widdershins, surprisingly pronounced the way it is spelled, is the counterclockwise direction, and is the direction for magic of unmaking, getting rid of, banishing, uncrossing and if you must, cursing. The direction of rotation is most important while grinding Natural Magick incenses. Exorcism is the only incense I grind widdershins. All the others are magics of increase and therefore they are ground deosil. Also, the mother stock of my oil blends is made into a round bottle, swirled in the appropriate direction.

Early on, mathematics, science and magic were all one and the same study. For better or worse, science split from magic, but magical tradition retains a reverence for numbers. Threes nines, and thirteen are considered moon and goddess numbers, so I use three essential oils in multiples of thirteen for the dark goddess Hecate. Five is the pentacle, and the number of fingers on my hand, so it is used for purposes of protection and human power. Sevens is for luck and prosperity, and planetary favors.

When this Natural Magic system is used, the choice of ingredients becomes like choosing words, and the way those ingredients are put together becomes grammar and syntax. This is the language that Natural Magick uses to communicate our intentions to the Universe, reflecting the clues we find in Nature back to the Source. So Mote It Be!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome to Natural Magick Shop!

My name is Cedar Stevens and I have been a practicing witch and potioneer for over thirteen years. For thirty years I have been an avid botanist, herbalist, and gardener. I combine these sets of expertise with my naturally excellent sense of smell to bring you high quality potions produced under the most exacting protocols for Natural Magick Shop.

Under the Natural Magick (TM) process, I don’t fudge or skimp. Here are the guarantees that go into my ritually crafted goods:

*Timing of production according to both the best Moon phase and day of the week,
*Elemental associations rule even which direction I face while making a potion,
*Extensive knowledge of correspondences and Doctrine of Signatures,
*Deosil or Widdershins? Banishing and exorcism related potions are stirred or ground counterclockwise, everything else is made deosil,
*Knowledge of ingredients, their botany, Latin names, origins as well as traditional magickal uses,
*Knowledge of traditional herbal and aromatherapy uses. This allows me to choose ingredients that are both therapeutically and magickally appropriate AND smell good!
*Ritual hygiene. I use magickal shielding to keep my energies out of YOUR product!

Here is my complete manifesto on the Natural Magick process.

I hope you enjoy my products as I enjoy creating them. Let me know if you are looking for a formulation that does not appear here. Almost half of these products were created at customer request or inspiration!

An It Harm None, may these potions well work thy Will.

-…for my Law is Love unto all beings.