Saturday, August 20, 2011

Testimonials for Natural Magick Shop

Cedar, thanks for opening the online store. When I moved to Portland I thought I would have to stock up on Pan Oil during my annual pilgrimage to Austin.

My boyfriend always knows he’s getting lucky when I wear that earthy scent, of course he might get stuck out dancing for hours before it happens.

I like to put it in my beard and in my armpits and crotch. Smells like a healthy happy man’s body that’s been rolled in the forest floor.
Birch, Portland, OR

My order arrived earlier than I expected. Everything is perfect -- all the finest ingredients, crafted with greatest skill, knowledge, and care. Natural Magick Shop is my favorite place to shop!
Crow, Houston, TX

I really like the Ex-Smoker blend. I had already quit for about a week when I received it, I wish I would have found it on the web in time to order for my quit date. It has really helped me get through my first bon fire and drinking get together without a cig. I really only smoke about 1 ex-smoker a day right now and its just good to know there is something to smoke when I am really craving a cig. I also liked what you wrote about the effigy, I may try that. I had smoked for 20 years and quitting is one of the hardest things I have done, I still want to smoke everyday but I haven't so far for 15 days.
Thanks again,
Marcy from Wisconsin

When I got the role of Coyote in a play, I tried Cedar’s Coyote oil. And instantly I felt sneakier, sillier, tricksy-er, and all of the thing Coyote should be. If the audience response is any indication, the oil worked like a charm!
Mindy, Austin, TX

Dear Cedar,
I received my order Saturday! Thank you sooo much! They are all so unique and beautiful! I will certainly be ordering more soon! Thanks again for working things out with me regarding my recent address change. :-) I couldn't possibly pick a favorite! I love something special about each one. The Pele oil is really great! I was lucky enough to learn a traditional Hula to Pele once and this oil brings up many of the same feelings and energies! I also wore the Circe oil out Sunday night and when I got home I had some very vivid dreams! I am already planning my next order! I'm sure my H.P. will love his two oils as well! Thanks again.
Blessed Be,
Meghan Rice

Hi y'all,
Cedar's handcrafted items are some of the best I've ever come across. I'm a huge fan of her pendulums. The positive energy is hands down the best you will ever come across. I also love her oils!
Melissa S., Austin Texas

I have been meaning to write you now for some time. I was your first international customer.....from Canada.I just wanted to thank you so much for your write up on how you stopped smoking.
I could truly relate to the visuals you described.

I have now been a non smoker for a month and a half.

I really did enjoy smoking was harming me and it was time face that fact and do something positive about it.Your write up gave me the courage to honor myself and release all that did not serve my highest good.I just wanted to share that with you and tell you that your article truly helped
Have a blessed day,
Angela.(45 yrs young and getting younger every day).
Kirkland , Quebec, Canada.

Hi, Cedar,
Just got my order, wow, that was fast! Everything arrived just fine. The wand is just great. You know how some things feel new and take a little breaking in? Well, not this one. It felt comfortable the first time I held it. Amazing. Speaks well of your methods. I am very happy with the "Newtonian". Thank you so much and Blessed Be.
Paul, Austin, TX

I wanted to give you an update on my job situation....
I went by your house to pick up my oils on Wed 4/9. The following day I lit a green candle with the symbol you showed me for money and wrote on the glass "I Am Prosperous" with gold paint. I also dabbed it with the Money, Good Job & Success oils. That evening I saw an ad for an Office Manager and sent my resume. The following morning on 4/11 I got a call from the recruiting agency. She wanted me to come to her office on Monday so she could meet me and have me take some tests. After meeting with her on Mon, she scheduled the interview for Tues (following day) with the company hiring the Office Manager. I went on the interview on Tues and it went very well. I was also told that aprox 10 people were going to be interviewed. I was invited back for a second interview 2 days later on Thurs and offered the job! (that was on 4/17....just a couple of days ago). All of this happened in only 8 days since I went to pick up the oils and started using them. To put all of this into perspective: I was working with a very controlling man who was very abusive to his daughter who also worked with me in the office. He had awful energy. Before him I had walked out of a job I had been at only 2 weeks because the boss raised her voice to me (I think I told you this when I met you). I had also told you that I desperately wanted to "shift" my employment situation as circumstances had been quite negative in the workforce for at least 2 years (I had had 7 jobs in 2007). The man at the company I was working at was paying me $12/hr. At my new job I was offered $18.50/hr.! And the woman I who owns this company --- that I will be working with --- is about 60yrs old and oozes warmth and kindness. For the first time in a LONG time, I really think this is going to be a nice place to work at.
The reason I wanted to update you is because everything shifted when I began to use the oils I bought from you.
Thank you!!

Dear Natural Magick,
I wanted to thank you for the fast delivery! My wand and incense arrived yesterday. I am speechless when it comes to the wand. All I can say is magnificent! The incense smells amazing as well even having not lit it yet! Thank you for everything! I have never been as happy with a product as I am when I use yours!! Everything is simply wonderful!!!
Jennifer, Washington State

Hello! It's Zach again. I just wanted to thank you for the wand. I used it recently, and it worked wonders. I'm going to place another order soon, because I've been using the Full Moon oil I ordered as well and the effects are amazing. Looking forward to more of your excellent product!
Zach P. Tyler TX

I never quite got around to saying "thanks" for all the wonderful gifts you sent me. You far exceeded my expectations with customer service.
Bonnie B. of Maryland

Good Evening Cedar!
I received Rhianna today, she arrived save and sound. Of course I have not had time to get to know her, but my first impressions are tremendous. Visually the wand is truly a splendid work of art. She is understated in design, yet through the almost austere appearance there is a classic elegance portrayed by the clean slender lines, and lack of superfluous ornamentation. To me there is an aura of energy and function. I was also struck by the shape of the shaft and crystal, sleek and straight, almost arrow like. The initial feeling was of focus and purpose, an unwavering true flight. Needless to say, I am very happy right now. Safety and happiness to you and yours,Seenidog, Fennimore, Wisconsin

Hi, Cedar,
Just got my order, wow, that was fast! Everything arrived just fine. The wand is just great. You know how some things feel new and take a little breaking in? Well, not this one. It felt comfortable the first time I held it. Amazing. Speaks well of your methods. I am very happy with the "Newtonian".Thank you so much and Blessed Be.
Paul, Austin, TX

I previously purchased a wand of willow from you. It is travel size. I simply LOVE it and I have given
your information to other friends. Be well, and please continue your good work! I look forward to more of your products and postings!
I appreciate your work. It's fantastic. Such attention to detail and such quality products! Bright Blessings~
Charisse U, Birmingham, AL

Your "Love Spray" is awesome personified! Clients are asking for it… need to stock up next I'm in ATX.
Grapeland, Texas

Hey, Cedar!
I’ll go on the site and order extra Aura Docs and Healing Lotion – you may be getting new orders from my colleagues, too. I can’t tell you what a hit your products have made in our office.  Everyone is saying, “WHAT is that wonderful smell?” and “WHERE did you get that?”
This is great! Thank you, Cedar. I am so glad that my guides led me to your site over the cyber waves.  You are a treasure!!!

Have a great day and enjoy settling in to the new space. Continued good luck in your wonderful alchemy!!!

Santa Monica, CA

I just wanted to thank you for how well  your products work. I had purchased many, including Djinn, Dream, Black Cat, and Fire. I have had amazing outcomes, of which I will not write on account of it being quite lengthy. Recently I purchased Ghobe for my dear friend who has a great love for gnomes and will be spending his summer mining to find Red Beryl (apparently a rare stone of great worth). As a token of pre-thanks for aiding in the find, and a token of thanks for your highly under-priced products, I have done a picture for you. Seeing as I am unable to send it, I will merely put it up in my show this July and put it as 'not for sale', for at some point we may meet or I may be able to give it to you. Good luck in your future ventures. I will continue to patron your site. 
Gamaliel Azbury

Wow that was really fast shipping! And it has a very good feel to it. When I opened the bottle and smelled it it was definitely Green Tara. :-) 
Ruth Oschmann
Palmdale CA

Hi, Cedar,
I received my Faery oil and Faery bath herbs today. I am just *delighted* with the oil and I look forward to using the bath herbs very soon. I dabbed the oil on my lids, wrists and behind my ears. It smells so wild and free, like summer. I never smelled anything like it before.

Hi Cedar,

Just wanted to let you know I received my parcel, and I have paid the outstanding freight charge.

I absolutely love my products, they are gorgeous, and beautifully presented. 

I can see that you put a lot of time and care into your products, and for that I thank you.

Will definitely be ordering from you again soon.
Kindest regards,
Bryony W
Queensland, Australia

My order arrived today, perfectly and carefully packaged, and earlier than I would have expected. The oils are exquisite. 
Thank you, William D., Ft. Washington PA. 

I love the products from Natural Magick, not only does Cedar take the time to answer my messages, she makes such great quality products. Within minutes after I made my good job mojo kit I received an email for a job interview. AND at the end of the month I have another job interview. Thank you so much Cedar!
Bana from CA 

Just received my second package from your shop! My fiancee is CRAZY about your Pan oil, and I adore the way it smells on him!

Thank you so much for carefully crafting your lovely oils! They are quickly becoming a staple in our household!