Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Ostara!

Harvesting Huisache flowers on the Spring Equinox. A lovely sunny Sunday to be harvesting these honey-scented blooms it was! The Acacia tree is a very easy read by the Doctrine of Signatures: each little flower looks like the Sun, so there is the ruling Planet. Being produced in such great quantities, the flowers are a natural for prosperity magick. The little Suns are thought to bring enlightenment and illumination, and after harvesting (or just smelling) the rich sweet scent for a time, one becomes filled with a golden kind of serenity, which is why the essential oil is used in my Meditation and Friendship oils, and the resin of related Acacia trees is burned as incense and used to enhance spiritual pursuits and seek Divine Guidance.

France grows hundreds of acres of this tree, Acacia farnesiana, native to central and South Texas, for the perfumery industry. Here in Texas it is pretty much ignored or considered a "trash tree," sigh.