Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Magick by Intention: Love, Lust and Friendship Magick

Love Magick is said to be the most difficult of all - but nevertheless, it is the type of magick most tried by beginners! Love magick is complicated, because it involves the Will of another person, and depends on our own Love for the Self. I often warn Practitioners to avoid love magick that targets another specific individual (and that is what most of the spells out there attempt to do!). Targeting a specific person to make them fall in love with you is a violation of that person's Free Will, not a very respectful or healthy way to begin a relationship, right??! My recommendations for real love are to work on Self Love and general attraction, opening yourself to love, and becoming your True Self.

Love  Magick is a broad category of workings that includes a range from platonic Friendship, Attraction, True Love,  and Compatibility to Hot Sex and Get Laid formulations. My other main recommendation is to be careful (and very specific) what you ask for!

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  1. Love this great information, and such truth. Forced love isn't love, but deception. You'd have to lack self love, and self worth. In order to find forcing someone to be into you, as the thing to do.

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